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Jump to: navigation, search (WBN) is a real time game tracking and player statistics website. Source Code is available.


The idea for came around in the middle of 2000, It was originally a way to publish the #winbolo IRC server game bot results to the web as well as to display player ranks. Some functionality was modeled off from the Myth days. It was first released in 2003.


WBN supports provides the following features:

  • Realtime game tracking including real time update of things happening in a game.
  • Automatic ranking of players and teams using the ELO algorithm from bolo tournaments(link) and chess.
  • Integration between game client and website so players can share their identity between games and the forums.
  • Storage of Log Files
  • Player profile support including a game diary list of all games played.
  • A map collections feature that allowed users to upload their own map files into virtual folders for others to download.


As of the 28th of November 2008 WBN since release WBN has recorded.

  • 226,055 games servers started.
  • 20,228,101 game events.
  • 5,570 unique game server IPs.
  • 2,734 registered users.
  • 29,951 forum posts.
  • 14.2Gb of log files uploaded and 3.7Gbs downloaded with 3,180 downloads. Average log file size is 806K with the largest being 7.9Mb.
  • 6,334 maps in the map collections in 668 folders with 3,350 comments. Map files have been downloaded 610,765 times. Search engines would contribute to the high number of downloads.

A list of project ideas are available.

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