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Here is a rough brain dump of project ideas for WinBolo applications. Some are in various stages of development.

You might want to look at the milestone list in trac to see what has already been decided.



  • Fix Defects
    • Map change + 1 defect. (What exactly is this? Can someone open up a ticket on trac and put more depth into this one? - More details can be found here Bolo#bolo_map.c
    • LGM respawn to 0,0. (Submitted fix Sticks 17:05, 31 December 2008 (UTC))
    • Pills are not able to be picked up / pills that are planted turn into deadsies when the player who owned them dies. (Submitted fix Sticks)
    • Deep sea sometimes appears in the middle of a map on the client side. Other players are able to drive on it on the client's screen but when the client drives on it, he dies.
    • Game ends when two players on opposite teams both take control over a base at the same time
    • Random pill drops after a networked game ends and placed in single player mode
    • Graphical artifacts on Windows Vista when Aero is enabled
    • --inbuilt location borked on some systems
    • Stop people from being able to cheat in multiplayer games. See Networking.
    • Ally request window will stay open after game ends. Can be exploited to ally someone without permission in another game.
  • New Features
    • Bring Linux port and bring functionality into line with WinBolo. Make packages available for Ubuntu, Debian and other Operating Systems.
    • Hold feature. Allow one player (could be first to join) to completely freeze and unfreeze the game if someone needs a hold.
    • Port to iPhone and other devices (xbox live?)
    • Check Endianism of network packets for cross architecture play.
    • Lobby functionality. Would be really cool to integrate with IRC and WBN as well.
    • Show a lock icon next to player names who have locked.
    • Map Overview a la Mac Bolo.
    • Improve game physics
    • Improve tank collisions.
    • Allow spectators (real time log viewing anyone?)
    • Implement meta/super server allowing automatic rotation of maps, server bans, admin functionality, setting of start locations etc.
    • Make #defined game play variables (such as armour, speed etc) configurable and transferable to enable game mods.
    • Implement floating server rather then centralized server.
    • Increase the number of players/items to 32/64 etc (difficult cause nibbles are used for some things)
    • 3D game client.
    • Better newswire
    • Display alliances in newswire and on scoreboard
    • LGM spawn countdown timer
    • Integrated server bans (using just a text file as input?)
    • Display physical location of server based on geoIP database
    • Disallow mass alliances or quick game ending by calculating a usable ratio based on # of players
    • Implement a team selection GUI at the start of a strict game and easy lock and start with built-in "ready...set...go" timer
    • Replace current 1x, 2x, 4x size with demensions that match the window size
    • Voting system. Vote kick, vote temp ban, vote new map.
    • Add capability to select a player and toggle ignore newswire messages on/off
    • New views
      • Base view
      • LGM view
      • Ally view
    • Weird things such as
      • Make bases transferable
      • Make start points movable and capturable.
    • Nice to have
      • Console to tweak variables on-the-fly
      • Undestroyable terrain
      • Changable terrain physics (oil slicks/ice)
      • Sounds for game events (lost/gained pill, lost/gained base, proximity sound effects)
      • More meaningful error messages, i.e. replace "1 of 3 things" dialog with explicit resolution
      • Rotate map direction with a keystroke
    • New game types
      • Capture the flag
      • Race
      • Quickest pill clearance on a map
      • Slayer
      • King of the Hill
    • Odd stats
      • Tank odometer, spedometer, right on screen
      • Squares walked by LGMs
      • Have these automatically update under a users nick and post count in the forum?


  • Finish prototype and bring into line with WinBolo release.
  • Make log viewer available, possibly as an applet to allow online map viewing.


  • Finish statistics module implementation.
  • Finish/enable debug/IRC modules.
  • Integrate tracker database with WBN.
  • Make configurable via tracker preferences file.
  • Enable multiple trackers to provide data to each other for tracker outages.
  • Change protocol to include player names and server WBN participation.
  • Enable lookup of vanity host names. e.g. rather then
  • Allow servers to be named. Maybe this goes where the DNS listing currently is and the DNS or IP is displayed on the right hand side?
  • See Tracker Protocol Version 2 discussion.
  • Create a tracker google (or vista) gadget with the following on it: server, map, players, game type, passworded, info, and join links. Players names could link to their IP and other names using that IP. The players list could hopefully show registered and non-registered play names. Add a link to view newswire history.


  • Change protocol to include player names of non-WBN participants.
  • Site redesign.
  • Upgrade to PHP BB version 3.
  • Create more player statistics.
  • Modify ranking codes
  • Ability to manage and run leagues.
  • Automatic generation of teams like Fermat's brilliant site.

Log Viewer

  • Fix long player names drawing bug. Use font metrics commands to figure out how long the player name is and mark tiles are dirty as required rather then standard length.
  • Fix drawing bug where view is set to maximum size and log is playing and the screen is right clicked. See good and bad screenshots. Possibly due to dirty rectangles code.
  • Remove duplicate source code and merge so files can be located in src/bolo
  • Make resizable by dragging the window.
  • Fullscreen mode.
  • Linux and Java port.
  • 3D log viewer.
  • Real time viewing (streaming?) of a game currently being played.
  • Allow zooming in and out of playing area.
  • Inidicator windows that are similar to !WinBolo. This will allow whoever is watching the game to understand what the pill and base indicators looked like to the player or team selected.
  • Tank stats - such as their current stocks of ammo, mines, armor, and trees - or how many LGMs lost and killed, how many pills taken and lost, how many bases taken and lost.
  • Scroll bar like other media viewers (Windows Media Player, VLC) have.


  • Make real autoconf/build make files.
  • Modify code to ban Acro FOR LIFE! Also, air strikes and rocket launchers.
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