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WinBolo allows players to "skin" their copy of WinBolo. Skinning can change the game sounds, graphics and background. Additionally a higher resolution skin file can be used for window that are double sized.

WinBolo skin files are named either .wsf or .zip. They are ordinary zip files containing a set of files. None of the files are required and when not provided the default skin is used from WinBolo. Note that skin items in the zip file must not be contained in directories as WinBolo will not read them.

The filenames of the skin files inside the zip file are as follows:

Filename Description
skin.bmp A Windows bitmap file containing the graphics to display ingame.
skin32.bmp A higher resolution file containing the graphics to display. This is the same as

skin.bmp only it has been double sized so each graphic image is 32x32 not 16x16. Also note that 32x32 graphics are not scaled down nor up for any other window sizes.

screen.bmp A Windows bitmap file containing the background file.
tank_sink_near.wav A tank sinking nearby.
tank_shoot_self.wav Your tank shooting.
tank_shoot_near.wav A tank shooting nearby.
tank_shoot_far.wav A tank shooting far away.
explosion_far.wav An explosion far away.
explosion_near.wav An explosion nearby.
bubbles.wav The sound your tank makes when in water and losing shells/mines.
farm_near.wav A builder farming trees nearby.
farm_far.wav A builder farming trees far away.
tank_hit_far.wav A tank hit far away.
tank_hit_near.wav A tank hit nearby.
tank_hit_self.wav Your tank hit.
build_far.wav A builder building far away
build_near.wav A builder building nearby.
man_dying_far.wav A builder dying far away.
man_dying_near.wav A builder dying nearby.
mine_near.wav A mine being layed nearby.
mine_explosion_far.wav A mine exploding far away.
mine_explosion_near.wav A mine exploding nearby.
shoot_wall_far.wav A building being shot far away.
shoot_wall_near.wav A building being shot nearby.
shoot_tree_far.wav A tree being shot far away.
shoot_tree_near.wav A tree building shot nearby
tank_sink_far.wav A tank sinking far away.
skin.ini A information file about the skin in for following format:
Name=Your skin name 
Author=Your name 
Notes=Your notes.
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