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Here is the complete source code to WinBolo client & server, LinBolo client
& server, Tracker, Log Viewer, WBN game ranking website, JBolo alpha/prototype,
WOME (CGI based map editor) and sample brains created.

All source files code copyright 1998-2008 John Morrison and released under the
GNU GPL Version 2 except where noted. All graphic and sound files are copyright
1993 Stuart Cheshire.

Source code for WinBolo was taken from the 1.15 release possibly with additional

I had always stated my main reason for not open sourcing WinBolo is that I still
had things I wanted to work on. I said that I would consider releasing it when I
wasn't interested in working on it any more. I've never lost interest in working
on WinBolo, however as life goes on I have come to accept the fact I will never
have enough time to work on the things I wanted to. Rather then let the community
die due to inaction from me I have decided to release the source to WinBolo and
all WinBolo related things.

I started this project 10 years ago. The first WinBolo release was 9 years ago.
This was my second "real" sized project in C. (WBN was my first PHP application
as well) - The code is fairly easy to follow and commented. Hopefully this allows
others to pick up the project and continue with it, or use it as a learning tool.

I have started a wiki at with more information on the
design, network protocol and file formats. A list of project ideas are also
listed there.

Thanks to
Firstly: Stuart Cheshire

Those that contributed to the community in one way or another from testing,
hosting, running game servers, teaching others to play: Canuck, sheeps, Min, ten,
LRL, jhood, Nemokrad, Wonka, Killjoy, suicidjky and the everyone else I've

From the old days on #bolo: Jolo, Kax, Max, Mecca, Plastic Fist, Wharf Rat, Nix,
Wilfred Verkley, Canuck, db48,  Min, sheeps.

VB play testing team: John Bettiol, Cameron Deane, Robert Dragoi, Adam Fawns,
Charles Henden, Jacqueline Stark, Nathan Keynes

GU play testing team:  Todd Becker, Daniel Everton, Luke Morton, Cameron McNiel,
Ben Muller, Daniel Thomas. 

And finally all the players past and present.

John Morrison
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